A downloadable levelpack

This is the finalized version that I've worked on for a little over two years, and revolves around levels with solutions that change based on your progress and available transformations. If you haven't already, it is highly recommended you finish baba is you before playing this pack.

This pack features:
-6 interconnected levels
-3 tutorial levels
-1 proof-of-concept 'extra' level

Full completion is 10/1/6. Good luck!

What bonuses?



Update version 1.4.4

-Fixed major parsing(?) issue in overflow

Update version 1.4.3

-Fixed level number of babaless in flagless
-Fixed an unintended rule in overflow
-Reversed order of update list

Update version 1.4.2:

-Removed a single, level-breaking vine in reconnect
-Sincere apologies to the 7 people who downloaded between now and 1.4.1

Update version 1.4.1:

-Fixed obvious break in reconnect because of course I forgot something

Update version 1.4:

Shoutout to ばいす for their video walkthrough of version 1.3, which revealed quite a few unintended shortcuts for bonuses!

-Reworked overflow:
--Improved clarity
--Added softlock prevention measures
--Rearranged text to be symmetrical

-Reworked reconnect:
--Fixed a number of shortcuts and cheeses
--Fixed full level breakdown using swap and pull
--Bonus no longer requires an advanced, untaught transform technique

-Fixed major cheese in send
-Fixed shortcut in connect

Update version 1.3.1:

-Fixed softlock in overflow
-Fixed an edge case when completing reconnect

Update version 1.3:

-Fixed softlock in overflow
-Fixed cheese in relay

Update version 1.2:

-Fixed softlock in start -Fixed cheese in connect

Update version 1.1:

-Removed unnecessary transform from overflow
-Fixed small cheese in reconnect

Install instructions

Once the levelpack is downloaded, navigate to Baba Is You in your steam library, and click the 'manage' gear. Go to properties > local files > browse. This should open the game's folder.  From there, go to Data > Worlds. This is where the levelpack's zip needs to be moved to. Make sure that it's unzipped and in the right spot before you start up the game.

If everything was set up correctly, the pack should now appear in-game in the 'levelpacks' section.



the_web(1.4.4).zip 185 kB
the_web(1.3.1).zip 178 kB


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great pack, definitely recommend!